We have been selling used items for fourteen years. We can boast of the highest selling prices and fast sales, as we know exactly how to best present, market and advertise used products. Our experience with online classifieds, such as Bolha, eBay, Prodajko, Salomonov oglasnik, marketplace, ensures that we know the used items market better than anyone else.

Are you leaving Slovenia and would like to sell items that you will no longer need? We will sell any item for you and transfer the money from the items sold to your bank account.



Prepare the items you want to sell and contact us. You can send the items to us, deliver them or we can pick them up at your house.


We will pick up, examine and evaluate your used products, prepare attractive advertisements, sell and take care of all the logistics of the products sold.


You will achieve higher selling prices with us, so you will not feel the cost of our commission. When we sell a product, you receive payment.

If you have not used some items in a year, you probably do not need them any more. Have you considered selling such items?

The time we live in gives us endless opportunities to shop for new things. Retailers often encourage us to buy certain products through various and effective ways of advertising, which we often do not really want or need. We often just inspect such purchased items, quickly test them and end up throwing them packed in a corner, closet or drawer. Each of us certainly has quite a few such things at home.


Our customers always come first, and quality service and efficiency are as important to us as they are to you.

Picking up your used items in our warehouse.

Examination and preparation of things for sale.

Designing a compelling advertisement with eye-catching images.

Negotiation with potential buyers to sell the item.

The buyer picks up the product.

Transfer of your money to your account.


Frequently asked questions

Who is the garage sale service Intended for?

The service is intended for everyone who wants to sell a flawless product suitable for further use, but do not have the knack, time or will to do so. We cooperate with various companies, natural persons, temporary foreign residents in Slovenia, embassies and others. Our only requirement is that your used items for sale are flawless and have a sales value of more than €20. If you are not sure whether it is possible to sell your product, contact us and we will be happy to help you.


How does the garage sale service work?

It is very simple. Contact us via e-mail or phone and we will arrange to pick up your items. We will examine your used items and prepare them for sale, make attractive photos and an advertisement that will attract potential buyers. We will negotiate the sale of the product by phone and e-mail and try to sell the product as soon as possible. We will arrange delivery to the buyer if necessary. In the end, you will receive payment for your product sold.


How much does it cost to sell a product through your company?  How much will I pay for the commission?

Selling through our company is an advantage for you because with us you can achieve higher prices for the product sold. The commission we charge you for the product sold is relatively low given that we obtain more for your product than you could on your own.

For each product sold, we charge a commission of 30% of the final selling price. The commission includes all costs incurred during the sale; there are no other hidden costs. We invite you to take a look at the price list below.

Contract Withdrawal: In case of withdrawal from the contract, we charge a commission of €15 per item which was handed to us. Withdrawal from the contract for a specific item is only possible if the sale of the item has not yet been agreed to with the buyer.


How can I hand over used items I want to sell?

We will send you an acceptance document in advance, on which it is necessary to enter all the products you want to hand over to us for sale and state their condition. Items can be delivered, sent or we can pick them up at the desired address on a pre-arranged day.

What are the benefits of garage sale services?

We are a vendor with fourteen years of experience in selling used items. Our biggest advantage is that working and selling of used items brings us satisfaction. Our knowledge of the market and online sales ensures that we can get the highest price for each product.

If you do not have time to take attractive photos for each item you want to sell, to write an attractive advertisement and then negotiate the sale of the item with potential buyers, contact us and we will do the work for you.


What kind of things can you sell?

The vast majority of items are sellable. Sales are greatly influenced by the age as well as wear and tear of the product. In this century, the increasing progress in all technologies is at such a high level that the product you bought 5 years ago may already be heavily obsolete. The older the item, the less it is sought after by buyers. Consequently, it is harder to sell it as it is less valuable every day.

Example: You bought a vacuum cleaner for €150. After a year, you have found that it does not suit you. Despite its use, you could get around €110 for such a product after one year. In case you do not decide to sell it, you will most likely put it away and not use it for the next few years. The value of such a vacuum cleaner will be reduced to around €20-30 after seven years.

Do not waste money by storing useful things and sell them as soon as possible!


How is my product sold?

The sale of a product depends on the interest in a particular product, so it is very important how we prepare the advertisement. We photograph the product in such a way that the image already attracts a potential buyer to view the advertisement. We assess the condition of the product and determine its selling price. We prepare and write an attractive advertisement that contains all the necessary information for the fastest possible sale, because only in this way do quality advertisements achieve the best selling prices. If the product is not sold after a certain time, using our algorithm, we set a higher or lower price until the product is sold. When we sell a product, we agree for a pick-up with the buyer.


How do you take care of my things when they are stored with you?

We prepare an advertisement for used items received from customers within seven days at the latest and place them on the online market. All things are safely stored in our warehouse where they await buyers.

Contact us and arrange a pick-up of your used items.

Will you take my used item for sale?

In most cases, we are interested in all items as we believe that every thing has its buyer. We only sell the products you want to sell individually and do not combine them together. The sales value of the product must be €20 or more.

If you want to sell a larger number of products or larger pieces such as furniture, etc., contact us for more information.

Footnote: We do not sell counterfeit or non-original items.


Are you still in doubt whether we will take your item for sale?

Contact us and we will be happy to help you.


What if my item does not reach a value of €20 at the end of the sale?

We do our best to sell each item for more than €20. If we are unable to sell it after a certain time, we will contact you and agree to reduce the price. However, we can return the product to you at your request or donate it to humanitarian organizations.


How do I know if my product is worth €20?

If you are not sure whether your product will reach the value of €20, contact us and we will discuss the value of your product.


What if I bring an item for which you are unsure if you will be able to sell it?

We want to take and sell as many things as possible, but if we find that we are not able to sell a certain item, we will not take it for sale and return it to you.

How do I deliver items to you?

Before delivering the items to us, contact us to arrange a pick-up date. However, if you have several items to sell, we can pick up these items at the desired location. Please have all items ready in advance for immediate removal.


Can I suggest a price for the item I want to sell?

You can write the suggested price for your item on the acceptance document, which you fill out before handing over the items. You can also specify the lowest price below which you do not want the item to be sold.


How long do you sell my item?

We sell the item until someone buys it. If the product is not sold after a certain time, using our algorithm, we set a higher or lower price until the product is sold. If we find that the product will not be sold after a certain time, we can offer you a buying-in price, and we waive our commission.

Until the product is sold, you do not have to pay any costs such as access costs, storage costs, etc. All costs you pay to us for the product sold are included in the commission.


Can I decide after a while to take the item back?

If the item has not yet been sold, you can take it back at any time. In such a case, we charge you €15 for the retrieved item. This cost includes all costs incurred when selling the product: picking up your item, examining and preparing for sale, photographing the product, preparing an attractive advertisement and other sales services that we perform for a particular item.

When do I get paid from my sold product?

Payment is made after the sale of your product.

For all technical mechanical goods, we will transfer the money from the sold product to your bank account no later than the eighth day after the sale.

For all electrical, motor and similar devices, we will transfer the money from the sold product to your bank account on the thirty-first day after the sale of the product due to the 30-day guarantee we provide to buyers.


How do you make a payment for a sold item?

Payment is made by bank transfer to the account you specified before taking the products to our warehouse.


I have not yet received payment from the product sold.

You receive the payment for the sold product on the seventh day for all mechanical goods and the thirty-first day for all electrical, motor and similar devices. If you have not received the money within the normal time limit, please contact us.


Why is my payment received lower than it should be?

If you have a question about the payment, check our price list with commissions for the sale of used items. You can also contact us and we will be happy to help you explain the fees.

We charge a commission for a successful sale, but if your product is not sold, you do not pay anything.


30% of the final sales value of the item.

Service work – miscellaneous 20 EUR / hour
Preparing an advertisement + cost of sales* 15 EUR

*Unsold item you want back while still on sale.

Pick-up of items in Ljubljana 
Up to 5 pieces 15 EUR
Up to 10 pieces 25 EUR
More than 10 pieces 35 EUR
Pick-up of items in Slovenia 
Unlimited no. of pieces: 1 EUR / km + 20 EUR working hour
In case you want to sell the items yourself and ask us to prepare advertisements for you on bolha.com.
Preparation of 1 advertisement 10 EUR
Preparation of 5 advertisement 40 EUR
Preparation of 10 advertisement 70 EUR
Opening an account on bolha.com +

preparation of up to 10 advertisements per year

70 EUR