With our many years of experience, knowledge and services that satisfy the needs of customers, we provide competitive and quality moving services. We organize the entire relocation, from the preparation and protection of your items in the building from which you are moving, to their placement at your new address. All objects to be relocated are insured during transport.

Contact us and we will arrange an interview with you. We will provide you with the main information regarding moving out and advise you how to make it as easy and as stress-free as possible.

We also offer furniture disassembly and assembly. Your removal goods are adequately protected so that they are not damaged during transfer and transport.  All removal goods that we load into our truck are insured against transport liability during transport.

Our moving services:

  • relocations to/from apartments or houses
  •  ransfer of furniture, household equipment, boxes, etc.
  • relocation of business premises
  • relocation of warehouses
  • relocation of documentation and archives
  • packing and unpacking of equipment and your belongings
  • disassembly and assembly of furniture
  • connecting, disconnecting, and relocating household appliances
  • cleaning and tidying of basements, attics, and yard
  • disposal of bulky waste to landfill and destruction of goods
  • cleaning of premises

Timeline of our services:

  • Free appraisal of the premises
  • Disassembly of equipment
  • Equipment protection
  • Transport of equipment
  • Assembly of equipment
  • Cleaning of premises


We organize relocations throughout Slovenia as well as to other European countries.

We perform a free appraisal of your apartment or business premises and then prepare the final price for the relocation.


Number of hours Price per hour
2 – 4 50 EUR
5 – 8 45 EUR
9 – 12 40 EUR
Longer period of time By agreement
Abroad By agreement
Number of kilometers Price per kilometer
70 – 100 0,70 EUR / km
100 – 200 0,65 EUR / km
200 – 300 0,60 EUR / km
300 – 500 0,55 EUR / km
Longer distance By agreement
The price of moving service includes van rental, protection foil and two workers.
Minimum number of hours that are charged at the arrival of our team are two hours.
Hours are calculated according to the garage-to-garage system.
In Ljubljana, all transports up to 70 km are considered local.
Waiting time 12 EUR / hour
Every additional worker 15 EUR / hour
Rental of an additional vehicle is charged separately 60 EUR / day
Cardboard boxes By agreement

We charge a 10% more for services performed on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and after hours.

Prices do not include the cost of tolls, tunnels, ferries, customs, parking fees, etc.


In case of long-term cooperation, we offer additional discounts.

This pricelist is valid from 1 September 2019